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Police discovered the body of a young man who went missing in Tiger Leaping Gorge and determined that a high fall caused his death, reported the Shangri-La Public Security Bureau of Diqing prefecture, Yunnan province, on Aug 30.

After the young man"s disappearance was reported on Aug 21, the police immediately deployed forces as well as a multiday investigation and search. Up to the evening of Aug 27, family members provided the police with a short video of the young man"s social media posts.

While searching on Aug 28, the police found backpacks, mobile phones and temporary ID cards on the hidden cliffs of Tiger Leaping Gorge, and eventually uncovered a highly decayed body in bushes under the cliff.

The Shangri-La police immediately organized criminal investigators as well as firefighting and other police forces to go deep into the cliff to obtain the body, survey the site and extract corpse DNA samples for inspection.

According to the DNA test results, the unidentified body was the lost man. After the on-site inspection, corpse examination and other investigations, police determined the man died by falling and his death was not a homicide.

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